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Co-Creator at Birth Empowered, Emma is a Midwife and leads on education innovation & development, social media presence and marketing.

Look in that mirror!

YOU! Our supporters, encouragers and customers are the people that keep Team Birth Empowered going. Without you this journey would be so much tougher.

Thank you.


Co-Creator at Birth Empowered, Emma is a Midwife and leads on student inspiration, graphic design, and product, brand & website development.


To see all those who use and work in maternity services become fully informed, autonomous and free of fear. We believe that [physical, mental and spiritual] safe care is that which is understood & chosen by clients, and provided in an environment of excellence, balance and respect.


To birth empowered women, empowered mothers, empowered fathers, empowered families and empowered birthworkers, and drive demand for autonomy and kind, humanity-focused maternity care. To help usher in equality for women and under-represented groups across the world.


We inform, enable autonomy, and support your human rights. 


 We advocate and fight for your rights in birth and personalised care. 


We highlight current issues, including inequalities many clients and birthworkers face. 


We promote love and kindness in humanity-focused care.


We change culture by creating new ways to express admiration & love.


We commit to creating welcoming and inclusive birth & maternity care for all.


We champion the strength & achievement of new parents, no matter their story. 


We build up birthworkers with support & encouragement.


We strive for common sense, and reasonable & fair thinking.



We're Committed!

We may be embarking on our Birth Empowered adventure, but we're real registered midwives. We've both given up careers, spent thousands of pounds on education, pushed ourselves beyond expectations and worked REALLY hard to be able to call ourselves midwives. And why? Midwifery doesn't pay that well, and Birth Empowered is not about the profit. We did it all because we really want to make a difference and a change.


This is heartfelt and we're determined.

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