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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Excellent start. We are Emma & Emma, registered midwives (UK). We used to work in a continuity model of care as caseloading and home birth midwives, but sadly that way of working disappeared.

What do you want to do?

Change the world? Big dreams, we know. If we can empower women and families, and if we can inspire the next generation of birthworkers, maybe we can demand change in the services, maternity culture and work environment of the NHS, and finally drive some of the shifts in care we’ve been aching for.

That’s just the UK though…

Yeah, we know. There’s a ridiculous amount of oppression, suffering and inequality around the world, and a disproportionate amount of it is experienced by women. Small acorns turn into big oak trees, and big dreams still need beginnings.

Do you hate hospitals?

Nope. To be fair, we wouldn’t say we like them, they smell funny and tire us out. But in terms of maternity, we actually really value them and the obstetric, midwifery and neonatal teams within them save lives. We know there’s some iatrogenic damage being done though… quite a bit actually, so although they are a precious resource, we need healthy boundaries.

Hospitals are trying to change though. There are lots of continuity projects… do you value that?

We value the effort, we just don’t think it’ll work as well as we want it to. Not because the people trying aren’t fantastic, passionate and brave birthworkers, the NHS is just such a massive system full of historical patriarchy, hierarchy, boxes to tick and fear, that the change we’re trying for can’t bloom the way we want. We are struggling to implement recommendations from a 1993 report... that's 26 years of promises and vision, only just being translated into well-meant plans that probably won't see the kind of deep reaching outcomes we long for. As much as we value effort, we also value efficacy, efficiency and innovation.

Not everyone is low risk are they…

Very true. Most people have some kind of complexity, current or historic, and it’s important to offer the safest journey through care as possible. Variety in life is infinite, but we’re working really hard to make relevant resources that cover a wide range of topics and preferences, not just lower risk. Whether you started out higher risk or ended up higher risk, we want this to fit just as well for you as anyone else. You are important too, and your choices & autonomy shouldn’t be devalued or overlooked because you’ve been ill or have the potential to be.

Will you judge me if I don’t have a home birth and breastfeed?

Erm, no. Judgement isn’t appropriate there at all. We like home birth and have been to quite a few. We value breastfeeding too, because it’s magical and powerful. You know what we really really like though? Informed choice and valid consent. Your body, your life, your preferences, your choice. Our job as midwives is to inform and advise (so it’s important we talk to you about birth place and feeding options), but then we respect your choices, judgment free. You’re safe here. Whilst we’re on the subject, please hear us when we say you cannot ‘fail’ - you may not end up where you thought you would, but you’ll never fail.

Why don’t you have loads of pregnancy photos on your site? It doesn’t make me feel very warm and fuzzy.

Well, good question. Trouble is a lot of stock photos show clean cut, happy pregnant ladies frolicking through summer fields. A lot of stock photos show well off, white women too. Neither of those options really reflect reality. Pregnancy can be tough, with swollen ankles, no clothes that fit, probably some worries, and surprise, experienced by people of all ethnicities, with varying levels of wealth and deprivation. We don’t want our visitors to compare themselves to a pretend ideal. Babies are cute though… maybe we’ll put a few more of them up.

Why did you choose the photos you do use then?

Power. Awe. Beauty. Strength. Inspiring scenes and stunning colours. Like all things in creation, pregnancy, birth and parenting is a bit of an art piece, and if you look closely enough you’ll see the impressive and the purposed and the frivolously attractive qualities from these photos in the mirror as well.

What kind of values do you have, like, in general?

We are plant powered and try to be earth friendly, and will choose suppliers and resources that reflect those ideals as much as possible. It won’t be possible in its entirety, but we will try. We’ve said it a few times, but kindness, care and humanity [including inclusivity] are absolutely central. We are all human. We all deserve to be treated as human first. Also, insight and perspective are crucial, especially when it comes to figuring other people out. Consider things carefully with humility, resist defensiveness and fear, and have confidence in your own worth, and we should get along just fine.

What do you think of c-section births?

We think a few things. We think the proportion of them is quite high, and there's a good chance that some are unnecessary, given their risks. We think we'd like to see the proportion of c-section births reduce. We also think that mums who birth by c-section are absolutely incredible. We think a c-section birth shouldn't diminish the recognition of how much effort, sacrifice and energy mums invest in pregnancy. We think a c-section is tough going and demands bravery and resiliance, especially if it was unplanned. We think c-sections can sometimes be tough to recover from, physically and mentally, and that parents who have been through them need love and support to help them feel proud of all they have achieved. We think that birth is birth is birth, and a c-section doesn't disqualify anyone from encouragement.

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