Beautiful cards, stunning affirmations, wonderfully creative gifts.

For parents, families & birthworkers. 

All designed [with love] by midwives. 

I received three stunning cards from Emma & Emma at Birth Empowered. As a new mum who hugely benefited from the support of these lovely ladies during my pregnancy and birth, I cannot support them more in their mission to spread the word and empower as many women as possible. 

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Just a reminder...

Birth is birth is birth. If a baby left the body of their mother, they were born. Women can feel shameful, guilty or 'less than' for birthing with assistance or in a way that wasn't 'expected', and that's not what we want. We need to champion pride, shout about strength, and recognise that the entire journey of pregnancy, birth and the early days is awesome and demands amazing things from birthing people. 


Though details differ, we're all miraculous. Take every chance to recognise the incredible.

We think all birthing people deserve these truth affirming reminders.