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You are the unseen and unpaid army of workers that holds the NHS up. You may be 'supernumerary' but that doesn't mean your work doesn't count. And to be honest, it doesn't always mean supernumerary either these days does it, especially not in effort, time or the effect our very intense working environment has on us. Thank you.





We want to build you up. We want to strengthen you and encourage you. Student midwifing is hard. Really hard. There are demands on your energy, time, emotions, finances and family like never before, and that's without the stress and pressure that academic work can bring, and the anxiety and fear that can strike in placement. We know. We've been there. 


We want you to feel loved and cared for. We want you to grow to feel confident to support women well in a human-focused model of care. We want you to fall in love with birth rights and human-kindness, and practise in a way that is gentle on your soul, and that of the woman and colleagues around you. We want to foster your resilience and wisdom.

We also want to inspire you. We have been blessed enough to practise with minimal fear and an abundance of common sense. We have fought to protect a balance between client autonomy and choice, safety, evidence based recommendations, hospital guidelines, and multi-disciplinary team opinion, whilst maintaining the openness needed to tackle the unexpected. We have lived the on-call, caseloading life. We have learnt and felt the importance of midwife-mother relationship, and seen the power it holds.

The future is in all of our hands. Come learn from us; come share our head and heart knowledge; come and enjoy storytelling of experiences you yourself may never have had; come question assumptions. If a midwife is what you long to be, come be empowered to step outside the obstetric nursing box. Come be inspired so that YOU can live the change we all ache to see.


With love from Emma & Emma at Birth Empowered

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Get involved!

We love a good midwifery chin-wag! We love sharing ideas and reflections and thoughts. We love reassuring and speaking truth in love. Please never feel alone. Don't be a stranger.

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We run student Inspire events that give us the chance to invest in you face to face. We'll release details of upcoming events for 2019/20 in late Autumn 2019, Our groups are small (to keep them high quality), so book ahead!

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    The first things ever added to our shop were affirmations for students. We were very intentional about putting you first. We really do think you are that important, and we hope our products help you believe it.

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    Invite us to your university or MidSoc! We love to talk and have so much to discuss.


    If you have a pre-arranged group and want your own Inspire event, we'll run one especially tailored for you. Just get in touch...

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