Transparency is important to us

So it’s important you know that we are running a business and we need to make money. This is so that we can live and continue to work towards our goals full time. 


However, profit was not, is not and will not become our reason for Birth Empowered. We hope to make enough to pay our rent and bills, and then use the profit to push our vision as far as we can. Aside from that it features low down on our list of priorities.


Partnering with and fundraising for charities is a big part of our ethos, and we want to make enough money to be able to donate substantial amounts that can make a real difference.

Would you consider supporting us financially please?

We don't like asking for money. We will never demand money or support. We will never cast judgement based on whether a person chooses to support us or not. 

We've put our hearts and souls into this venture, and we want to share it with the world. If you have connected with our story, passion and vision, and would like to help fund our full time commitment to Birth Empowered, you have the opportunity to give via our Go Fund Me page.

Thank you